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You can now Join Irongate and pay your Membership Dues through Pay Pal.  To join follow these instructions:

Go to our Membership Page and Click on Pay Pal to pay your membership dues.  Then fill out the Membership Form.

Can't remember if you sent in your 2018 Membership Dues? Go to the Membership Page and Click on the Red Button Membership List for an up-to-date list.

Current Membership: 129 Members or 39% as of 5/16/2018.

BJ's Wholesale Membership is available to Irongate Members at a discounted rate of $35.00. Call Mike Venturi at 315 313-3431.

2018 Rabies Shot Clinic - Onondaga County offering free rabies shots, donation voluntary from March thru December call 315 435-3165.

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Can't remember if you sent in your membership dues.  Go to the Membership Page and click on the MEMBERSHIP BUTTON for a current list of members.

Reminders: Trash and Brush Pickuip - Containers should be put by the curb the night before and removed the day of pickup.

See New Yard Waste Recycling Center Info on Resident Informatiopn section on the Brush Schedule Page.



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SCHOLARSHIP AWARD DRAWING - At the June 12  Irongate Meeting, our scholarship drawing was held and Lachlan Eicholzer will receive a check in the amount of $625 made payable to Univeristy of San Diego.  Contraturlation Lachlan.

IRONGATE PICNIC - Saturday, August 11 12:30 Green Area Park.  REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Information and Register on the Picnic Page