{}{}{}     A.     President:  

The duties of the president shall consist of the following and may include additional responsibilities as required.

     1.     Preside over membership meetings and board meetings.

     2.     Be a non-voting board member who may only cast a vote in the event of a tie at either a board meeting or a general membership meeting.

     3.     Present at each Annual Meeting of the organization an Annual Report of the work of the organization.

     4.     Appoint all committees either temporary or permanent and shall be a member ex-officio of said committees.

     5.     See that all books, reports and certificates, as required by law, are properly kept and or filed.

     6.     May be one of the officers who may sign checks or drafts of the organization.

     7.     Shall review, edit if necessary and approve the release of each newsletter and provide a president’s message for each newsletter.

     8.     Have any additional powers as may be reasonably construed as belonging to the chief executive of any organization and exercise all duties incident to the office of president.

{}{}{}{}{}{}     A.     Vice-President:

     1.     Assist the president in carrying out his or her duties of the association.

     2.     Preside over meetings in the absence of the president.

     3.     Monitor the processes and progress of each committee.

     4.     In the event that the president is unable to exercise the office or complete their term, the vice-president shall become the acting president and serve the remainder of the original term with all the rights, privileges, powers and responsibilities as if they had been duly elected as president.

     5.     May be one of the officers who may sign checks or drafts of the organization.

     6.     Exercise all duties incident to the office of vice-president.

     C.          Treasurer:

     1.     To have the care and custody of all monies belonging to the organization, including making all banking deposits.

     2.     Monitor, track and record the day to day financial transactions of the IAI.

     3.     Be responsible for all incoming funds, obtain and retain receipts for disbursements and reconcile all bank account statements.

     4.     Be one of the officers who shall sign checks and drafts of the organization.

     5.     No special fund may be set up that shall make it unnecessary for the treasurer to sign the checks issued upon it.

     6.     Provide a financial report to the membership at all regular membership meetings, including all expenses, disbursements and deposits since last reported.

     7.     Submit in February a year end Financial Statement of Receipts and Disbursements Report for the previous calendar year.

     8.     Prepare and present an annual budget to the membership at the February meeting.

     9.     Exercise all duties incident to the office of treasurer.

     10.     Upon recommendation, obtain approval of the membership for any disbursement in excess of $500.00.

     11.     The Treasurer shall be bondable.

     D.     Secretary:

     1.     The secretary shall maintain accurate and complete records of the business of the IAI.

     2.     Take and retain accurate and complete minutes at all board meetings and general membership meetings.

     3.     Submit minutes at each meeting for membership approval.

     4.     File any certificates required by any local, state or federal statute.

     5.     May be one of the officers who may sign checks or drafts of the organization.

     6.     Attend to all correspondence of the organization and present to the membership and board any communications addressed to them as secretary of the organization

     7.     Prepare and maintain reports on membership status.

     8.     Exercise all duties incident to the office of secretary.